The INC’s uniquely skilled experts deliver a wide-range of customized services, solutions, and training designed to ensure your safety and security. From threat assessments to rapid intervention training, we have the information, skills, and support you need to protect against unintended or intentional harm. Our expertise includes: Full Scope Red Team Engagements; Penetration Testing; Data Backup & Disaster Recovery; Cyber and Physical Location Vulnerability & Threat Assessments; Specific Threat Identification; Risk Mitigation & Management; Crisis Response Planning & Support; Emergency & Crisis Response Preparation; CPR/AED Certification; Rapid Intervention, Trauma & Expedient First Aid Training; Travel Protection Services in Partnership with Global Rescue.


Our team has several combined decades of experience in all aspects of Government Contracting. Whether you need a dedicated consultant to guide you through each step of the contracting process, or prefer to have us represent you from start to finish, we are ready to provide the support you need to secure the contracts you want. Our expertise includes: Bids; Capability Statements; GSA Applications. 


We are fully equipped to help you achieve your mission objectives, no matter where the mission takes you. Bolstered by years of experience on the ground in the most remote locations across the globe, the INC team specializes in the design and implementation of creative solutions to support critical operations in the most austere environments. Our expertise includes: Logistics; Mobilization; Supply Chain Management; Construction; Temporary, Modular & Permanent Infrastructure.


From innovative GPS technology to emergency medical devices, the INC provides the state of the art tactical and medical gear you need to respond to any critical situation. We specialize in the products you want from preferred providers including Zoll, Garmin, and Blue Force Gear. Our warehouse is fully stocked and we are ready to supply you with exactly what you need, when you need it, anyplace in the world. Our products include:  Garmin Edge, Forerunner & DriveTrack; Mobilize Rescue Systems First Aid Kit; Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator. Please visit INC-Trading to see all of our tactical and medical gear. 


The INC provides strategic security and safety solutions for domestic and international government agencies by leveraging internal capabilities and external teaming partners to support mission execution, at home and abroad. Our goal is to streamline the process by serving as a single point of contact for all of your procurement and service requirements. You tell us what you need, and we handle the rest – identifying the industry experts and resources required for the project, mobilizing them to where they need to be, and managing the project to successful completion. Our expertise includes: Vendor Vetting; Licensing; Project Management. 


You have a product or service primed for presentation, but require assistance with the development, marketing, and sales expertise required to appeal to international and government customers. The INC is here to help you at every step along the way, ensuring that you are fully prepared when the opportunity arises. Our expertise includes: Product Development; Strategic Marketing; Sales; Industry Best Practices.


The International C offers a wide array of contract vehicles that make it easy for you to do business with us!

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