International Distributor and Agent Development Services

Determining a International Market Entry Strategy

How you enter a international market is key to success. You can seek direct sales, piggyback with another domestic company, or set up distributors and agents. The right distributors and agents with a solid framework and relationship managing can give you instant access to foreign buyers with in country expertise. 

Locating and Securing International Distributors and Agents

Building a relationship with the right distributors or agents on the front end can secure sales and forego in-country missteps. There are many considerations to include marketing, financing, legal, and shipping to consider with building a sustainable distributor or agent framework.

Managing International Distributors and Agents

Don't lose momentum and set up costs with in-country efforts by not having a plan in place to manage distributor and agent relationships. Locating and securing is just the beginning as you grow your in country presence for long term growth.

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